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Monday, May 30, 2005

NILE: Annihilation of the Wicked.

Ini tentang album teranyar NILE, Annihilation of the Wicked,
yang dirilis 23 mei (UK) dan 24 mei (US) kemarin. Hanya saja sampai
detik ini saya belum mendapat bocoran empe 3-nya buat dinikmati.
Walaupun sekarang tinggal bertiga, yaitu:
Karl Sanders (guitars, vocals)
Dallas Toller-Wade (guitars, vocals)
George Kollias (drums),
NILE telah membuktikan dirinya tak tertandingi di scene subgenre
extreme metal saat ini. Album NILE yang paling kreatif dan kuat.
Kalo membaca technical review-nya seperti ini, tak sabar untuk
mengkoleksinya segera. (Wah saya kok pengen ngeblog pake
bahasa seperti ini ya? :)


I'm going to do a song by song thinger because i personally prefer those and so should you:

1. Dusk Falls upon the Temple of the Serpent on the
Mount of Sunrise

Unsirprisingly this is much like Karl's solo stuff, and yes it does win, its eerie, energetic and creepy all at the same time, this is an awesome intro track - 8/10

2. Cast Down the Heretic
Fuck.....well, that intro be's of the fast and awesome, Dallas's voice sounds awesome at the start, as do Jon's and Karl's voice, there is some awesome riffery going on and the drumming is simply ridiculous in its technicality. George is doing an awesome jurb so far, the riffs at 1:51-2:13 win fucking hard. A harmonised begin to the solos at 2:37 sounds deliciously evil and we're onto a solo, which, is fast, ridiculous and generally very awesome, it seems that Karl and Dallas are having themselves and old fashioned solo war, a nice little harmony break there, and the solos are still coming and i'm beginning to love this deeply in the face, the solo section goes from 2:37 to 4:34. A nice slower riff and wait i remember this from the live show. CASSTT DOWWNN THHEE HEERREETTIIICCCC - and Cunty im sorry for using this emoticon but i just have AAARGGHH! a repeat of the intro riff leads on to another chorus, HEEREETIIC THOOUU ARRT CAST DOWWNN. 10/10

3. Sacrifice Unto Sebek.
A slower intro here which is niiiice - a fast drum roll, and to be put simply this is classic nile, very nice riiffery in this song as well with drums, a lovely break at 1:30 leads on to the same riff but down an octave with the singing sounding lovely, ooooh solo - a short nice little solo that wins muchly, intro riff is repeated here, this song is veru brutal, 9/10

4. User-Maat-Re
The second longest song on the album starts with a very creepy and haunting acoustic guitar intro - which leads into a distorted riff with a very fucking nice harmonic, i don't know why but the drums in the slower part here win supreme. the drumming is very fast here - here being the optimum word. a few nice little riff breaks between the riff with the harmonic being repeated. ...I INSCRIBE WITH MY NAMMEE. Dallas's - well i assume its Dallas's voice sounds awesome when he roars that. OOh at 2:55 is a very delicious riff that sounds rather fuckalicious, Ah the first solo - the beginning is very slow and eerie (i dont know any other adjectives) and theres a small break after this where theres a single guitar playing a nice slow riff, the rest of the band comes in and it sounds crushing to say the least, i must say it's very nice to hear the bass clearly at points, at 4:40 the double kicks are astounding. The production is very awesome and everything can be heard rather ideaually, at 6:13ish there is a slow riff that is....divine. Another slow creepy soudning solo wit hthe rhythm in the background sounding McAwesome. The higher lead fades us out of the song. 9/10

5. The Burning Pits of Duat
I was expecting something special from this song when i heard Karl had a bit of trouble learning it. There is a very fast drum intro a la kheftiu, the riff here is very grinding and crushing, there is some very insane guitar playing here, Dallas's voice is again amazing and the crazy guitar playing continues, at 1:03 - possibly the hardest Nile kintaring i've heard, it leads into a fast solo that wins muchly, 1:41 into this song i'm loving it muchly. Holy crap at 2:00 the includence of a clean guitar tone makes this very fucking evil and crushing,. the next solo is again very fast while the rhythm behind it is going nuts, the drumming is, as per usually insane, and awesome, there is a repeated riff that can be compared to that of Nas Akhu Khan She en Asbiu, the 3rd solo is again rather fast and crazy, the end of this song is awesome, i love it. 10/10

6. Chapter of Obeisance before Giving Breath to the Inert One in the Presence of the Cresent Shaped Horns
A bell sort of sounding instrument is used at the start then the band comes in for a lovely fast pounding of your face, 30 seconds in the drumming is very similar to that of Sickening Horror's "Through Blackness It Crawls" - the part about 38 seconds in with the crazy drumming, this is another awesome song, again the riffery is fantastic and every song that i've heard off this album makes me love Nile more than i currently do, the solo sounds devastating and the drumming behind is is fast as a really fast thing. at 2:29 there is a break with a nice little riff and the drumming comes in which is awesome, at 3:05 there is a very egytptian sounding riff which is backed up by a gong being hit, this riff fades out for the end of the song 9/10

7. Lashed to the slavestick
A very crushing and heavy intro leads us into a lovely riff, this song grows on you like fuck and i now love every second of it, - side note, sis it me or do you appreciate songs more when you learn how to play them?). This song could be the meaning of crushing, well apart from if an elephant were to sit on your face. the drumming is lovely and the riffery is even more so. the riff at 2:14 is classic death metal and it is beautiful in its devastating..ness.. This song is a highlight on the album for me because its short and crushing, and it was the first AOTW song i heard thanks to the relapse MP3. The production is awesome in this song. the song goes well into Spawn of Uamenti. 10/10

8. Spawn of Uamenti
A nice little ambient interlude, some think it ends abruptly and it does but awesome so and goes very well into the title track 8/10

9. Annihilation of the Wicked
A very fast intro and the drumming sounds amazing, i remember this solo guitar part live - and i believe that Karl be's doing it. I love the rhythm that joins it at 48 seconds, and i love how it goes into the blast beat. The next riff is lovely, and the amount of harmonics makes my pants happy, the drumming is ridiculous here, George is truly an amazing drummer. 2:25 - 2 lovely harmonics that make me go dancing this song has a lot of awesome in it and the bass drum kicks accompanied by ANNIIHIILLATTIONN OFF THE WIICCKKEEEDDD 5:15 = win supreme, i can't really write much about this song other then say that this song is a big bundle of awesome. there is a very nice riff at 7:10 which is general awesome (i know i've said awesome a shit amount of times) the song goes on for more niceness. 9/10

10. Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten
a bell/gong sort of thing creates the intro and an evil sounding riff accompanies it. it goes into a slower verse with some amazing vocals in it. i can see what Karl meant when he said that dallas ripped up the recording studio - i think he said that anyway - this song is another bundle of lovelyness. at 4:11 there is a great breakdown. the solos are 5:04 is text book nile. at 6:51 there is a part reminiscent of stones of sorrow, there is a slow ending to this song, which is calmer than most of the album which easily leads us out of the album. 9/10

Overall i deem this album 9/10. it's not their best but it is still required listening, i know its a long review but hey its good album, these are the scores for all of Nile's albums so far:

Amongst The Catacombs of Nephren Ka 10/10
Black Seed of Vengeance 9/10
In Their Darkened Shrine 10/10
Annihilation of the Wicked 9/10


Diambil dari review A-W-E-S-O-M-0, dan situs resmi NILE.

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Anonymous andry said...

extreme metal ?
weh, kayak apa itu mas ?

hybridnya aliran apa aja ? ntar kalo dah nemu mp3nya boleh dunk dishare :)

Fri Jun 03, 07:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Sun Oct 23, 03:56:00 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great nile,,,tapi aku kok lebih suka dyng fetusnya ya

Sat Sep 30, 08:45:00 AM  

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